Hello! Welcome to Cathedral Grove.

What is Cathedral Grove? Well, simply put, it’s a site rooted in the idea that a personal connection to nature is essential to a life well and truly lived. It’s about developing a sense of place wherever we are, in the midst of a multitude of modern technologies. In learning to care about a community, a park, a patch of moss and wildflowers behind a schoolyard through direct interaction, we not only grow our empathy for other living things but also begin to ground ourselves in the here and now. 

There will be other branching off points as well. This is after all a personal project, an attempt to dig down into the soil of the internet and nurture a seedling site into the sunshine. At times, there might be posts on outdoor adventures and skills, travel both near and far, news stories that showcase the best of humanity, or photography, videos, games, and music that delight and inspire. Who knows where the path might lead? Anyway, thank you for choosing to meet me in Cathedral Grove.


About Me: Hello, I’m Megan. Originally from the Texas Hill Country, I now live in the hills of West Yorkshire, England with my partner Nick. At various points in life I’ve worked in public and university libraries, written for online art publications like Beautiful/Decay and Featureshoot, done a bit of archaeology in Peru, and been an adventurous activities instructor working primarily with kids and young adults. These days when I’m not posting to Cathedral Grove, you can often find me out for a walk on the hills, taking down corrupted machines, nemesis orcs or stab-happy chrysalids on PS4, or watching or reading a cheeky bit of sci-fi.


Special Note: All images featured on Cathedral Grove are either procured from the  free stock photography sites Pexels or Unsplash, or via the free graphic design site/app Canva, or they are my own. The latter will generally have a watermark imprint bearing my details. 

2 Comments on “About

  1. I’m loving this piece of heaven on the internet so far. Can’t wait to follow upcoming posts. The reconnection with nature is so needed right now – a walk into the woods, and stress is reduced at least by half. How’s life in England? I just left it for a while but I had a chance to visit Yorkshire area and it’s a lovely place to be in nature 🤗


    • Thank you, Vanessa! That is so very kind and much appreciated. Life is good here in England, although it’s quite cold and wet at the moment! Looking forward to getting a bit of sunshine back in Texas over Christmas and New Year! Hope all’s well where you are. 🙂

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