Positive News Stories From This Week #9

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As ever, I really hope that this latest end-of-week round-up of positive news stories from around the world finds you doing well. These are tough times, so please don’t forget to extend some well-deserved loving-kindness to yourself as often and as best you can. If you have been struggling with weighty world matters at all this week, then I hope that this collection of inspiring and feel-good news stories might help uplift your spirit even just a little bit.

If you happened to miss the last installment of Positive News Stories, you can check it out here.

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+ In conservation news, New South Wales, Australia has recently announced the creation of a new national park, one which will help protect a variety of unique natural landscapes as well as more than 25 threatened species. The newly-formed protected area spans 592 square miles/1,534 square kilometres and is home to the endangered grey grasswren, among other vulnerable wildlife. (via BBC News)

+ Hoping to help its citizens cope with the ‘COVID blues,’ the South Korean government is providing ‘pet plants’ to thousands who are having to self-isolate. Lee Yong Kwon, director of the forest education and healing division at the Korea Forest Service, notes that the idea was developed for several reasons. It is hoped that these ‘pet plants’ will help ease loneliness, as well as provide a form of connection and companionship. (via NBC News)

+ In the UK, a wildlife charity worker and her partner have been raising funds for their local Wildlife Trust by committing to eat only meals made from foraged foods. After foraging in their local area on their daily walks, Kirsty Pollard makes a variety of dishes and drinks such as elderflower fritters, gorse rum, and dandelion flour donuts. They’ve thus far raised £3,300 for the charity, and hope to raise more in the autumn by releasing a foraging-based cookbook. (via BBC News)

+ A teacher in Alabama has gone above and beyond for one of his students after realizing that no one from the young man’s family attended his high school graduation. After offering to drive the unnamed student home when no one came to pick him up from the ceremony, Dominque Moore offered to take the young graduate out for a celebratory meal. After bonding over a meal at the Cheesecake Factory, Mr. Moore decided to see if he could help out even more, going on to collect $5000 in donations and taking the young graduate to open his first savings account. (via Good News Network)

+ 5-year-old double amputee Tony Hudgell has walked 10km during June in order to raise money for Evelina London Children’s Hospital, the UK hospital which saved his life. After setting out to raise £500, Tony has now raised a whopping £1 million! (via BBC News)

+ NASA has named its D.C. headquarters after Mary W. Jackson, the first Black woman engineer to work for the agency. Her contributions to the American space agency were highlighted in the book Hidden Figures: The American Dream and the Untold Story of the Black Women Mathematicians Who Helped Win the Space Race by Margot Lee Shetterly, as well as the movie inspired by it. (via NBC News)


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