The Potential and Power of Small Acts of Kindness


There are so many different ways to be kind to yourself and others, and often it only takes a moment. 

This Mental Health Awareness Week, with its always pertinent theme of ‘Kindness,’ I’m reminded of a moving scene from a couple of weeks back. While waiting in the socially-distanced queue at a local shop, the woman in front of me spotted a homeless gentleman quietly tucked away behind the shopping carts. She smiled, asking if she could get him anything to eat. He politely asked for a sandwich, thanking her profusely.

That act of kindness was beautiful in and of itself, but it went on to inspire a chain reaction of compassionate giving and community spirit. Before long most everyone in the queue had brought the man in need something to eat or drink, and his smile continued to grow – as did the smiles of those who had helped him that day. 

It’s really nice to do kind things simply because, but doing kind things can also confer positive health benefits as well. Acts of kindness and helping others have been linked to greater feelings of well-being, increased self-esteem, and a more optimistic outlook – among other things! For even more on the potentially wide-reaching health benefits of kindness, I highly recommend checking out the Mental Health Foundation‘s guide all about how ‘Kindness Matters.’

Before you go…

With all this in mind, let’s work together to create a ‘Kindness Thread’ to bring delight to and inspire others. 

To take part, simply take a moment to share a recent or fondly-remembered act of kindness you’ve witnessed or heard of in the comments section below. Everyone is welcome – and whatever act of kindness you share can be anything, of any shape or size. Every kindness matters!

Thank you so much for sharing!

5 Comments on “The Potential and Power of Small Acts of Kindness

  1. What a beautiful post and a beautiful story! So heartening to see and hear of cases where people respond to difficult situations and adversity with such kindness. It brings to mind a story I found on Twitter the other day from a mother talking about her son’s gaming with others online. The story goes that her son was getting together with some friends to play some games online, when they let a stranger join their team. After playing a few games, they find this stranger is a few years younger than them, at just 10 years old. The young boy opens up a little more and tells them that it’s his 11th birthday in a few days and he’s sad he won’t be able to see any of his friends on the day. In response to that, the team decide that they’re going to host a virtual birthday party with their new squad-mate! They stay up to midnight, gift him special looted they collected for him and sing in his new year with a rousing round of ‘Happy Birthday!’. Stories like this, and my experience starting out games streaming has really made me grateful for the kindness that exists in virtual and physical communities alike!

    • That’s such a heartwarming story of kindness! As someone who enjoys playing games, it’s especially nice hearing a story about kindness within the gaming community. Thank you so much for sharing it, Nick.

  2. I really love this – kindness is so important for the mental health of not only the person being helped, but also the person carrying out the act of kindness. I was having a discussion the other day about how there are so many people that give up things for us, particularly parents or teachers who stay behind after class. Small things such as time honestly make a world of difference!

    • So very well put. And on the subject of small things that make a world of difference – thank you for so often taking time to leave such thoughtful comments here. Always lovely to read your posts as well, and I hope that anyone reading this comment will check out your site too! 🙂

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