Monday Mindfulness ~ May 11, 2020

Hello, lovely people. I’m grateful as ever that you have stopped by. You’re just in time for another installment of Monday Mindfulness. This week’s thought for the moment comes from philosopher and psychologist William James.

Now, I have an important question to ask…

How are you doing?

As I’ve said before and will say again, these are strange times indeed. Tucked away in our homes during lockdown, alone or with just our immediate household, it can be all too easy at times to feel we are a distant island in a turbulent sea, cut off from other people.

But we’re not alone.

Sometimes we just need to remember to pick up the phone and call a good friend. Or send a lovely bit of snail mail to a dear relative abroad. Or simply say a polite hello to passerby – from a socially responsible distance, of course!

Anyway, lovely people, I truly hope that you are all doing well. Feel free to drop a hello in the comments below. And, in case you missed it earlier, I’d be thrilled if you’d pop a link to your own site over on this community thread I’m hoping to build up over the coming days and weeks. You may find a few folks well worth connecting with – and they can support you and your creations as well!

William James - We Are Like Islands

2 Comments on “Monday Mindfulness ~ May 11, 2020

  1. I really look forward to your posts. They give joy and perspective. They are a light in the darkness and as welcome as the fragrance of coffee in the morning. Thank you. We all need this….

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