Positive News Stories From This Week #5

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My end-of-week news round-up is back after a short pause, ready to highlight some of the many positive things still happening around the world during these strange times. Here’s hoping this latest edition finds you and yours doing well, wherever you might be reading this. May these nice news nuggets add a bit of sunshine to your day as well!

If you happened to have missed the previous edition of Positive News Stories, you can find it here. And if you’d like to know a bit more about what inspired this now-regular Sunday feature, check out its very first edition here.

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+ After a series of coronavirus crisis related misfortunes left Italian Erasmus programme student Giada Collalto stranded, unable to fly, and without a place to stay in Spain, 22-year-old cab driver Kepa Amantegi drove her more than 1,500km from Madrid to her family’s home near Venice. What’s more, he insisted that she not pay him for the 12 hour journey – not wanting to take advantage of a difficult situation. The Collalto family did, however, insist on sending him back home (after a well-deserved rest) laden with wine, grappa, and chocolate with their tremendous thanks. (via CNN News)

+ While preparing for retirement and looking to downsize, a British couple decided to raffle off their Shropshire farmhouse in a draw to raise money for Severn Hospice. While the draw won’t take place until June 3rd, over 500,000 tickets have now been sold. After various legal and administrative fees, the couple were able to donate £120k to the hospice charity. (via BBC News)

+ In Winsford, Cheshire, a man and his three children have been using their permitted once-daily walk during the UK’s ongoing lockdown to carefully clean neglected headstones in local graveyards. The thoughtful tradition began when one of Ryan van Emmenis’s friends shared a photograph of a family member’s weather-worn grave marker to social media, and van Emmenis – who runs his own cleaning company – was inspired to do his friend a kindness. Since then, the gentleman and his children have carried on their good work with the blessing of a local church vicar. (via Good News Network)

+ American comedian and noted car enthusiast Jay Leno has been producing plastic face masks for health care workers almost non-stop using the 3D printers in his sizable garage. At the end of each week, Leno hands them over to his local fire department, which then oversees distribution to first responders and hospital workers in need of personal protective equipment. (via Good News Network)

+ In the UK, the Games for Carers initiative has brought together a wide-range of big-time game developers and smaller, independent studios alike in an effort to gift NHS staff with free access to more than 85,000 video games. Busy frontline workers can download games when they’re able to, then enjoy a bit of solo play or family co-op when they get some well-earned downtime. (via BBC News)

+ Over in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, a regular customer of a local steakhouse now largely shut due to the ongoing pandemic left their entire $1,200 stimulus check as a tip after picking up a takeout order. The generous gesture will go a long way towards helping the struggling family-owned business, its manager told their local news station. (via Good News Network)



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  1. Thank you for another much needed dose of good news stories. So heart warming to hear of the good people are doing during these challenging times!

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