Positive News Stories From This Week #4

Sunday salutations, all – and here’s hoping that this latest round-up of Positive News Stories From This Week finds you all healthy and happy.

If you happened to miss out on last week’s installment and you’d like to catch up, you can find it here.

Hopefully, each of these nuggets of nice news helps inject a bit more positivity into your day. I’ll be back with more next Sunday, so please do stay tuned!


+ If you live in the UK you’ll almost certainly have heard of Captain Tom Moore, the 99-year-old veteran who sought to raise £1000 in support of the NHS by completing 100 laps of his garden with the aid of his walking frame by his 100th birthday, but who ultimately ended up raising £23 million…and counting! The funds raised will aid NHS Charities Together, an umbrella organization which supports over 140 member health service charities linked to specific hospitals or NHS trusts throughout the UK. (via BBC News)

+ Despite facing their own personal hardships, a group of refugees from Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine now living in Malaysia have joined together to prepare and deliver meals for the frontline health workers in hospitals within the country’s capital, Kuala Lumpur. (via The Guardian)

+ Over in the States, an anonymous donor has purchased $82k worth of gift cards to help keep small businesses in Earlham, Iowa afloat during their temporary closure. What’s more, the unknown benefactor then ensured that all 549 households within the town received $150 worth of these gift cards in the mail to spend when businesses reopen. (via Good News Network)

+ Saturday Night Live star Michael Che recently lost his grandmother to COVID-19. To help honor her memory and spirit, he announced that he would pay a month’s rent for each of the 160 residents of the New York City public housing building in which his late grandmother had lived. (via CBS News)

+ Back in the UK, hundreds of seamstresses, costume designers, and hobbyists have volunteered to sew scrubs and scrubs bags for the NHS, in an effort to help tackle a nationwide shortage of PPE. (via The Guardian)

+ Here’s a little something different that’s also good for a smile. A 93-year-old woman self-isolating in Pennsylvania recently flashed a cheeky whiteboard message at a passing relative which read ‘I need more beer.’ The relative’s snapshot then went viral, after which the beverage maker Moulson Coors delivered a complementary 150 cans of beer to help get the lady by. ‘I have a beer every night,’ said Olive Veronesi, the recipient. ‘Beer has vitamins in it, it’s good for you, as long as you don’t overdo it.’ Cheers, Olive! (via CBS News)


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