Happy {Belated} Birthday, Cathedral Grove! {Along with Some Other News}

Cathedral Grove Turns 2 Years Old

Hey, everyone! Megan here. It’s a day late, but I wanted to celebrate the fact that this here little seedling of a site has just turned 2 years old! I suppose it isn’t really a seedling anymore, then. Perhaps a sapling? Either way, here’s a heckin’ cute lil animated sun I made to celebrate!

To help celebrate, I’ve been very busy this week working on some new stuff for this site – doing a lot of graphic design, staring at a lot of codes and related hieroglyphics, live chatting with a lot of tech gurus who know a heck of a lot more than I do about any of this stuff. Just generally getting my Blog Boss on – or trying darn hard to, anyway! So, what’s new and what’s in the works? 

New Contact Details

Well, to start with, Cathedral Grove now has a dedicated business email. If you’d like to reach out privately, you can now send questions, compliments, ideas for features, or inquiries about future collaborations to hello@cathedralgrove.blog. Of course, you can still leave a comment on a post or one of our social media pages too – but now there are even more ways to say hiya!

New Monthly Newsletter

Next up, I’ll soon start sending out a monthly newsletter update, and you can sign up now if you’re interested! Now when you visit Cathedral Grove and click on any post, you should be given the opportunity to subscribe to our community mailing list via email, courtesy a small pop-up form.

Social Media, but More Social

Current world events have highlighted, outlined, and underscored the beneficial importance of positive, regular human interactions – be those online, in person, or via some other means – to our lives. For a while now, Cathedral Grove has been available to follow via Facebook or Twitter, but I want these pages to be more than just dumping grounds for new posts. I want them to be places where we can come together, albeit virtually, and share interesting thoughts, ideas, creations – what have you – with each other. I want them to help cultivate kind words and deeds, share and grow new ideas, and foster a respectful, supportive community spirit. To help, I’ll be sharing even more interesting reads and positive news stories on both platforms in the coming days and weeks. I’ll also be sharing a variety of daily mindfulness and more general well-being challenges too. Please do feel free to join in!

New Simple Activities to Print and Share, for Free

Many of you might be homeschooling your children right now, while others might be looking for something a bit different to do to help ward off boredom and keep the mind stimulated. To help us all stay positive, inspired, and mindful during these strange times, I’ve started designing an assortment of simple, straightforward mindfulness, gratitude, and nature-based exercises you or your children can easily do at home or in your garden. These Wild/Kind activity sheets will be available soon, starting with a doodle + write activity all about Growing Gratitude.  





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  1. Happy Birthday! Love your thoughtful, inspiring, creative posts. Looking forward to many more in Year 3!!!

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