Positive News Stories From This Week

As this week comes to an end, I’d like to share with you all a round-up of recent positive news stories from around the globe, featuring acts of kindness, inspired innovations, and a glimpse at a brighter future within reach for the environment.

In the past, news updates here on the site have focused solely on things to do with nature – but with all that’s happening in the world at present, I’d like to broaden that focus now, looking at any and all positive things happening around the globe. And, I promise, there IS a lot of good stuff happening, folks! Sometimes these stories just get a bit lost and buried under the other not-so-nice stories, unfortunately. Anyway, if these posts are something you’d like to see more of, let me know with a like or a comment below – perhaps this might become a regular weekly feature.


+ Several British MPs who were formerly doctors and nurses have pledged to join the 7,500+ former clinicians returning to work for the NHS during the COVID-19 pandemic. (via Buzzfeed)

+ Several recent inventions emerging from Walesย  – including a new easy-to-build ventilator, a potentially virus-killing snood, and a 3D-printed hands-free door handle – are now able to aid in the worldwide fightback against the spread of the novel coronavirus. (via BBC)

+ An IKEA in Sweden recently stumbled across an unused supply of 50,000 medical face masks in a warehouse, left over from the most recent outbreak of avian flu. All have now been donated to the country’s largest hospital, Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg. (via Good News Network)

+ Popular fitness coach Joe Wicks, otherwise known as The Body Coach, has been doing live PE sessions each morning on his YouTube channel, with the aim being to help kids stay active and healthy while schools in the UK are closed. So many families have tuned in that the ad revenue generated by views has been enormous, and now Wicks has pledged every penny made by these videos to the NHS. (via The Guardian)

+ In the US and elsewhere, many Little Free Libraries have been transformed into Little Free Pantries, with the families and businesses that maintain them now stocking them with the likes of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and non-perishable food items for anyone in need to take. (via Good News Network)

+ A mystery man has arranged to buy all 171 residents of the village of Denchworth, Oxfordshire a bit of pub grub from local The Fox Inn, to be delivered each Friday for 12 weeks. The pub’s owner told reporters that the donor wished to remain anonymous, but that the gentleman had hoped to show how important pubs are to village life. The anonymous gentleman had also stated that he thought people like himself who were fortunate enough to be in a good situation should do something for their communities if at all possible. (via BBC)

+ As industry and travel have largely halted as of late, air pollution across many parts of the world has dropped significantly. For instance, satellite imagery from the European Space Agency shows a dramatic drop in nitrogen dioxide levels across European and Asian population centers when compared with levels from this period last year. (via The Guardian)

+ Wildlife has been returning to Venice’s canals during Italy’s ongoing lockdown. While tourist-packed water taxis aren’t chugging about the city’s famous waterways, stirring up mud and debris, locals can now look down into the clearing waters to see passing shoals of fish, scurrying crabs, and a plethora of aquatic plants. (via BBC)


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    • That’s kind of you to say – and I completely agree with you that we are in need of positivity right now! I’ll be on the lookout for more nice news stories to share in the week ahead. Take care. ๐Ÿ™‚

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