Greetings from Self-Isolation


It’s my last day of self-isolation.

Some part of me wishes I could tell you of all the reading, writing, making, and planning I did during my precautionary staycation, but truth be told I mostly chose to watch lighthearted gaming streams from the likes of Playstation Access and Outside Xbox and played a solid amount of the quite silly, rather enjoyable Two Point Hospital myself. I have no regrets though; sometimes when the world has gone a bit funny, it’s good to have a bit of an escape.

My sincere apologies for the lack of posts lately, but I think you will all be able to understand in your own way when I say it has been – how to put it – an eventful month. Between visiting a family member in hospital, coming down with a nasty viral illness myself, needing to self-isolate as I’ve recovered to protect more vulnerable members of my community, and learning yesterday that my workplace would be closing today until further notice – well, this past month has been a wild ride. But, of course, these sorts of things and much more are happening to people everywhere.

This year, a lot of negative, attention-grabbing things have happened around the world in a relatively short amount of time – but there have also been many, many, many acts of kindness and things for which to be immensely grateful. I think that it is so vital to remember that, and to ensure that we continue to recognize all the goodness that persists in our communities and around the world in these trying times.

As I suddenly find myself with rather a lot of free time to do with what I will, I sincerely hope to post a lot more regularly in the coming days, weeks, months. There will be a new Monday Mindfulness post up at the start of the week, and I hope to share an array of positive news stories in the coming days as well. I hope that you’ll continue to join me here in my humble little thought-garden, the Cathedral Grove.

Wishing you all the very best,



2 Comments on “Greetings from Self-Isolation

  1. I began 2020 with the feeling that this would be a special year…I guess they all are. But I did not realize that it would quickly become such a challenging year, even life changing. Nature reminds us of who we are and our role in the universe. Trish is quite right about the roller-coaster and to that I’d add, we must remember that every roller-coaster ride come to an end and the world around us, becomes calm again. I love your brave posts, Megan. They turn clouds into refreshing rain and wildflowers. Thank you.

  2. What a rollercoaster the start of this year has been! Here’s to huge happy resolution!

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