4 Things You Can Do To Help Protect the Planet’s Biodiversity

Did you know that May 22nd is the International Day for Biological Diversity, and that according to the United Nations 2011-2020 is the Decade on Biodiversity? Until a short while ago, I certainly didn’t!

Inspired by this newly stumbled upon information, I’ve done a bit of research and come up with several actions that we as concerned individuals can take to help protect this amazing planet’s diversity and abundance of life. There are of course many other positive habits that we can adopt as well, so if you feel inspired to do more after reading this post, then please do act! And, as ever, please feel free to share your ideas in the comments below. 


1 – Give a Helping Hand to Pollinators

Many flowering plants rely on pollinators such as bees to reproduce, making it ever so important that we give these helpers a hand. Plant native plants in your garden. Ditch the harmful pesticides. Create habitat for bees and butterflies and other flying friends. For more ideas on how specifically to help ensure bees are happy and healthy, check out my previous post on the matter.  




2 –  Don’t Buy Souvenirs Made From Wildlife

You’ve probably at some point in your travels encountered someone selling products made up in part of animal fur, bone, shell, or other parts. Sadly, in some parts of the world the species from which these parts came are often endangered, and buying one of these trinkets just encourages poachers to repeat the process for profit.




3 – Opt for Sustainably-Sourced Seafood

For those among us who do still eat some meat, shop around for seafood which has been sustainably harvested. If you live in the UK, check out the Marine Conservation Society’s Good Fish Guide for more detail about the fish and other seafood which are ‘Green rated.’ Around the world, look for the Marine Stewardship Council’s blue fish label on the fish and seafood products you buy at your local grocery store for a clear indication of whether something is more sustainably-sourced or not.




4 – Vote for Policies and People That Stand Up for the Environment

Do your research into campaigns happening in your local area, and support those who demonstrate support for environmental conservation and have taken positive action on climate change. As someone living in the UK who is against Brexit and is pro-environment, I’m planning to vote for Green Party candidates in tomorrow’s election of members of European Parliament. Your choice doesn’t need to be the same as my choice – just make sure you do your own research, identify the party you feel will make for the best choice in regards to the topics you’re passionate about, then VOTE!  



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