Sabbatical Shenanigans: An Update on Things (Hopefully!) to Come


Hello, lovely people!

There’s no Monday Mindfulness post again this week, but it will return once more before too long. You may have noticed that I’ve taken a little break from posting much of anything over the past few weeks. Fortunately, this hasn’t been due to any unfortunate events! Rather, it seemed best to put creative endeavors aside for a short while, just so Nick and I could focus more intensely on furthering our plans for our upcoming work sabbatical as we draw closer to its start.

So – what’s new with us? Well, mostly we’ve been working away as normal. We’re both adventurous activity leaders at a residential centre, so for around 12 hours each working day we’re looking after a group of primary school children and their teachers as we run them through a quick succession of activities like canoeing, climbing, archery, zipwiring, et cetera… When you’re working with a lovely group and things are going well, it’s quite enjoyable and fulfilling. Other times it may be that you’re having to lead a canoe session during a hail storm, or you’re breaking up fist fights between not-so-pleasant children, or you’re cleaning up buckets-worth of sick in the dorms… In other words, it can be a bit of a mixed bag, you know? You just never know what each new work day will bring. 

Anyway, we’ve been busily mapping out our sabbatical a little bit each weekend since just before the new year, and we’ve now got a better idea of when and where some things will be happening. 

In March, we’ll be focusing on resting up, having a few local adventures both on our own and with friends, as well as on traveling down south to meet up with friends and to visit Nick’s family. In late March, we’ll be joining up with friends at a bothy on the edge of Brecon Beacons NP, Wales for a bit of hillwalking, then we’ll be off to MCM Comic Con in Birmingham. Will I have cobbled together my cosplay of Sadie Adler from Red Dead Redemption 2 by then? Hopefully, partner! Either way, good times will be had. 

April and May are the least planned out parts of our sabbatical as of yet, although we aim to see them filled with perhaps a stint of a few weeks somewhere in the Balkans if possible mixed with some freelance work and social events closer to home.

In late June/early July, we’ll be paddling the longest river in Sweden. A few of our friends from work who are also on a sabbatical at present recently worked on an alpaca farm as well as at a moose sanctuary near where we’ll be, so we may see about working a bit of that into our itinerary as well if feasible. 

Come July and August, Nick and I will be working as operations team leaders on a conservation and trail maintenance project in the south of Iceland. We were busily applying to, then doing various Skype interviews for these volunteer roles these past few weeks. It’s still difficult to believe we’ve actually been afforded this really cool opportunity to work in and explore such an amazing place for 7 weeks this summer… It almost doesn’t seem real!

Well, all this is the plan anyway! We all know that life happens while we plan though, so hopefully all of our saving and researching and organizing won’t come undone by way of some unknowable, unforeseen calamity.

I choose to be hopeful and positive and confident in our ability to make awesome things happen though.  

Anyway, that’s my little update for now. Stay tuned! There are many posts on travel, adventure, and wanderings to come…

(P.S. I’ll be sharing many of my photographs on Cathedral Grove, of course, but if you’d like to see even more of my nature and adventure snaps over the coming months feel free to follow my personal Instagram, @insta.meg.ram.)




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