A Thanksgiving Challenge: An A-Z of Gratitude

Although Thanksgiving has come and gone this year, any time can be a great time to practice giving thanks for the many positive things and loving people we have in our lives.

Making an A-Z of Gratitude is a simple but effective way to pause, appreciate, and give thanks. Here, I’ve done a bit of brainstorming and put together my very own A-Z of Gratitude. I’ve shared it with you all below, with the hope that you too might be moved to make your very own list as well.

If you do feel inspired to give this quick but impactful gratitude exercize a try, feel free to share some of what you’re thankful for in the comments below!


Right now, in this moment – I am grateful for:

A – Adventures. From small, local adventures to longer, international ones. Solo, as a couple, with my family, or together with friends.

B – Blogging. I love getting creative and sharing via Cathedral Grove; it brings me great joy!

C – Community. Both those of the past and in the present. This online community means a lot to me, as does my quirky little town filled with people I work with.

D – Dark skies. I adore a good starry night. 

E – Education. I’ve been quite fortunate to receive a really quality education from schools and universities around the world, something I know not everyone has access to. 

F – Family. My amazing parents are, well…amazing.

G – Green spaces. I’m grateful I live in a town that understands the importance of preserving and even creating green space amidst streets and houses. You can even pick your own fruit, vegetables, and herbs from planters along the sidewalks and around public buildings in the spring and summer.

H – Home. A welcoming, comfortable house in a nice area.

I – Internet. For keeping in touch with friends and family around the world, as well as for watching some pretty entertaining cat videos.

J – Journaling. Good for clearing the mind, remembering great times, and practicing gratitude.

K – Kindness. For kindness and compassion and good-hearted-ness. 

L – Love. So grateful to be loved by my family and my partner.

M – Music. The right songs can really accentuate a moment, a feeling, a state of mind.

N – Nature. Oh, how I love enjoying time in nature. It brings me peacefulness and moments of great joy.

O – Oxygen. Sort of a necessity, I suppose.

P – Partner. Grateful for Nick, who not only puts up with my shenanigans but seems to rather enjoy them!

Q – Quiet. It can be a chaotic, noisy, confusing place, this world of ours. Nice to have a quiet, calm moment to one’s self every so often. 

R – Relaxation. Sort of similar, I guess. But really – it’s good stuff.

S – Sunshine. I appreciate it a hundred times more now that it’s winter in the UK, and the sun is down below the horizon by 4.30pm…

T – Tea. A nice cuppa tea makes everything a bit better.

U – USA + UK. So very thankful to be able to call both of these countries home.

V – Video games. I love my outdoors-in-nature time, but I also love my on-the-sofa-with-a-controller-in-my-hand time.

W – Weekends. Thankful for these times to relax and recharge, to sleep in and go on adventures.

X – eXercise. OK, it doesn’t really start with an X. Still, I’m grateful that I’ve got a pretty functional body that generally takes me where I want to go.

Y – Yesterdays. All the events and experiences that have helped me become who I am today.

Z – Zzzs. A good night’s sleep does wonders for a body and mind.

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  1. Too bad there is only a “Like” button because I Love this…
    You are such an amazing person. What you are doing in this e-space is simply beauitful and It gives me hope. Thank you. I am grateful.

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