Nature News: Species Conservation Successes, Chemical-Free Coral Reefs, and a Sigh of Relief for Our Skies

The news is often filled with stories of political scheming, natural disasters, and celebrity excess, but it’s so important to remember that there are positive news stories too. That’s why I’ve put together another news blast (…it’s been a little while!) featuring a few hopeful reports on nature and the environment.   

Read on for more. Links to sources are provided below, and all images featured here are via excellent free stock photography site Pexels


 +++ Conservation Efforts Shown to Have Improved Prospects for Some Red Listed Species +++

The latest assessment of the International Union for Conservation of Nature has found that conservation efforts are paying off at least for some endangered species. Veterinary and anti-poaching patrols, among other efforts, have led mountain gorilla numbers to rise from about 600 in 2008 to over 1,000 currently. Fin whale and western gray whale are also on the rise, thanks in part to commercial whaling bans. While this is all good news, it is of course also important to remember the thousands of species still at great risk of extinction. (Via BBC News)


+++ Palau, Like Hawaii, Bans Certain Suncreens in Move to Further Protect Coral Reefs +++

Following research which seems to indicate sunscreens containing certain chemicals damage coral reefs, the Pacific archipelago of Palau has instituted a ban with the hope of protecting the region’s marine biodiversity. The ban includes sunscreens containing any of ten chemicals such as oxybenzone, which a University of Central Florida study found to contribute to coral bleaching. Hawaii passed similar legislation earlier this year. (Via NPR)


+++ Ozone Layer Projected to Be Largely Healed by 2030s, Completely by 2060 +++

An international team of researchers has released a report on the status of the Earth’s ozone layer, stating that this important layer of gas which helps shield us from harmful UV radiation has been steadily increasing since 2000. Current projections indicate that ‘the ozone layer above the Northern Hemisphere will be completely healed by the 2030s, with the Southern Hemisphere following in the 2050s and the polar regions by 2060.’ *Sigh of relief* (Via Futurism)


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