Adventures in the Algarve, Portugal: Part 2

Boa tarde, fellow adventurers.

Here, find the continuation of my recent wanderings in southwestern Portugal, in the region better known as the Algarve. If you happened to miss Part 1, no worries – here’s the link.

If you happen to be planning a visit to the Algarve or you are mulling over making the trip, here’s another place I recommend you check out – Sagres.

~ Sagres ~

Sagres, being pretty much at the most southwestern point of Portugal, is not as heavily trafficked as Lagos. It’s especially nice when you arrive before mid-day, as tour buses and minivans from Lagos tend to start showing up at sites like the Fortaleza de Sagres and Cabo de São Vicente in the early afternoon.The 'End of the World,' near SagresA definite must-see while near Sagres? Cabo de São Vicente. I mean, just look at those striking views! (See above and below.)

The most southwestern bit of continental Europe, this spot was once like the ‘End of the World’ to Portuguese sailors and other earlier sea-faring peoples of the Mediterranean. It was a point special to the Romans too, who called it Promontorium Sacrum. 

Nowadays, there is a lovely lighthouse there to explore, with a tiny but very interesting museum within which gives a good overview of Portugal’s maritime history. At only €1.50pp, the Museu dos Faróis is definitely worth a look. Afterwards, spend some time wandering along the cliff tops and gazing out into the Atlantic. Just don’t get too close to the edge; it’s very windy here.Cabo de Sao Vicente, near SagresBack in Sagres? There is a great little place with scrumptious things very near to where the picture below was taken. Rest your wander-weary feet at Caffè Espresso. I recommend ordering a Cocoa Dream smoothie, made fresh with cocoa, dates, banana, and milk. Plus, treat yourself to a pastel de nata, a traditional Portuguese pastry with custard middle. Viewpoint in SagresThere are a few great options for beaches around Sagres, but we chose to hang out at Praia da Mareta as it was just so central. There’s a pretty neat view of the Fortaleza de Sagres up on the cliff tops above, too. View of the Fortaleza above Praia da Mareta, SagresNext time, we head west to the beaches of the Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina. (What a great name, huh?)

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