A Birthday Fundraiser in Support of the Woodland Trust

No Monday Mindfulness post this week. It will return shortly, however – I promise!

I continue to be in awe of this Spring here in West Yorkshire. With only perhaps 2 or 3 days excepted, it has been a Spring of clear skies and bright, soul-warming sunshine, the deepest blues and the most vibrant greens. Today is no exception.

Earlier on this particular beautiful day, I went out to our local park where I enjoyed a nice fresh-baked pastry and began reading a book I’ve treated myself to on account of my upcoming birthday. The book is ‘The Nature Fix’ by Florence Williams, and so far it’s a very interesting read about the ways in which nature helps us to be healthier, happier, and more creative. 

Speaking of my upcoming birthday, I’ve decided to do a small fundraiser for a favorite charity, the UK’s Woodland Trust, in lieu of asking for ‘stuff’. I’ll post the link to my Just Giving page here. If you’re feeling so inclined, please consider a donation of a few pounds. It’s a great cause supporting the protection of ancient British woodland and the growth of new forests for generations to come. 

Here’s the link. 

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